Quillix Capture and Content Management in Higher Education

Quillix products have played a vital role in higher education for the past 15 years, helping colleges and universities manage their critical document processes in areas such as admissions, human resources, matriculation and many others.  Quillix has helped colleges and universities improve their workflow and document processing strategy, and is the ultimate platform for secure acquisition, distribution and archival of documents within the University environment.

Mac and Windows Support

Quillix supports Mac and Windows platforms for searching and viewing documents, making it and ideal choice for across departments and even by students on or off campus.

Flexible Licensing

Our client licensing approach is not tied to a specific computer or user.  Quillix is licensed by the maximum number of users logged in at any one time, providing the most flexible and cost effective way to access documents throughout your organization.  This approach also makes it easy to plan and expand as your needs change.  Licensing is simple and easy to understand.  There are no hidden licensing costs, usages fees, click charges or page counts.

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