Quillix Capture and Content Management in Insurance

Quillix has been serving property/casualty, life and annuity insurance companies for more than 15 years.  In the Insurance business, risk assessment and management are the cornerstones of success.  The fact that Quillix has been in continuous use at some Insurance companies for nearly its entire lifespan proves that it is not only a great investment, but a very low risk.  We are proud to say that we power some of the biggest names in Insurance, and that they have trusted us with their documents for such a long time.

Performance vs Security

There is no such thing as performance vs security.  Neither can be sacrificed for the other in the Insurance industry.  Quillix provides best in class performance and security.  We think of performance as processing speed plus reliability.  On an adequately equipped machine, our server can process up to a million pages a month.  Our scalable, multi-threaded server architecture provides unlimited processing power, coupled with load balancing and fault tolerance for maximum flexibility, workload priority and system uptime.

Business Flexibility

The Quillix system is extensible using our open QSX architecture, meaning that specialized processes can be easily created and deployed to deliver niche products to the market in the shortest timeframe possible. The visual approach offered by Quillix also makes it, and you, very nimble when responding to changing business climates.

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