Quillix Capture and Content Management in Energy

Energy companies rely on Quillix for document capture and process management in every phase of business including exploration, production, transmission, accounting, human resources and engineering/manufacturing. The Quillix platform is exceptionally well suited to the demands of energy related companies due to its power, flexibility, scalability and value.

Value in a Market Driven Industry

Quillix represents an exceptional value in an industry that is market driven, and where prices can change literally overnight.  Our unique licensing model provides the flexibility you need to meet the demands of acquiring, distributing and managing documents and information, while still keeping enough margin in your operation to respond to rapid price movements.  Our energy customers know that we provide up to a 4 to 1 value ratio over comparable products, and that we consistently strive to return value to our customers over time.

Value for Small, Medium and Large Producers

While Quillix is a proven platform for large oil and gas operations, in production in over 100 countries around the globe, our flexible licensing provides the same level of value and price performance for small and medium producers, without the high entry cost of other platforms.

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