Quillix Capture and Content Management in Healthcare

Modern healthcare is a document and process intensive endeavor.  Quillix and its partnered solutions power some of the largest and busiest hospitals, emergency departments and surgery centers in North America.  From patient care to professional coding and billing, Quillix provides a solid content management foundation of performance, security and reliability.

Focus on Process

While Quillix provides all the capabilities you would expect from an enterprise content management platform, our focus is on helping you manage the processes that drive your organization, and the interactions people have with those processes, whether they are employees, customers or partners.  Quillix is much more than document capture and archival storage.  It is a platform for acquiring, distributing and managing documents and information throughout your enterprise easily and securely.

Focus on Compliance

As an organization that handles documents and information related to patient care, you are required to follow the regulatory guidelines for patient privacy as specified in the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, or HIPAA. Quillix has helped many organizations achieve technical regulatory compliance with HIPAA through the use of strong data encryption, user access controls, and advanced information protection features like document redaction.

Focus on Value

This is not the place where we are going to tell you “you get what you pay for.”  We aren’t going to say that because we truly believe with Quillix you will get more than you pay for. Our focus has always been on value.  We may not be the least expensive product on the market, but we provide the most value of any comparable product period.  We believe value is a combination of price, performance, licensing model, expertise, and cost of ownership over time.

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