Quillix Redact

Quillix Redact is a client module for the Quillix Document Capture system that allows users to quickly and easily perform redaction operations on a page, document, multiple documents or a batch. Quillix Redact was created with productivity in mind, and uses advanced algorithms and text search technology to automatically find and highlight redaction targets based on pre-defined and user-defined redaction criteria.

Quillix Redact works within the Quillix Capture Web Client framework, and is accessible from the Redact tab in the client based on available licenses and user rights. Quillix Redact is an add-on to the Quillix Capture Client and requires the purchase of an additional license from Prevalent.

Quillix Redact Usage

Quillix Redact is aimed at anyone who needs to obscure or remove private data from documents for regulatory compliance, personal data protection or to reduce corporate liability.  Local, state and federal government, municipalities, education, healthcare and insurance all have a need to redact private data in documents.

Redaction White Paper


Prevalent Software has prepared a technical white paper outlining the practical application of redaction technology using Quillix Redact.  To request your free copy of our redaction white paper, fill in the information in the form below.

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