4x ROI vs Kofax and IBM Datacap

A bold claim you say?  Not at all. We don’t have anywhere close to the marketing staff or development overhead of either Kofax or IBM. We also own all the intellectual property in our core products, keeping our margins strong and our costs low. That translates into real savings for you.

Because we are smaller you might be thinking there is no way we could have as great a product as those big guys.  If that is what you’re thinking, then our response is; “prepare to be blown away…”

We may not be a mega-software company, but we have been doing this for a while. More than 800 companies put their trust in Quillix, and many have actually replaced Kofax or Datacap systems with Quillix.  The best part of the story is that we save companies in two ways; in hard dollar savings based on license and ownership costs, and in soft dollar savings through ease of use, deployment and productivity gains.

We are ready to back up our claim.  If you are ready to save some serious money while turning your users into your biggest fans, please let us know, and we’ll get right on it!

Show me how to get 4x the ROI