Quillix Content Manager 4.2.49 Released


Quillix Content Manager

VERSION 4.2.49

October 2018


This document contains information on the following topics:

  • Version 4.2 Bug Fixes
  • Content Manager New Features
  • System Requirements
  • Contacting Prevalent Support

1.0 Version 4.2 Bug Fixes

  • When saving a page range of an ERM document to PDF, the wrong pages were rendered.
  • When printing a page range of an ERM document, the wrong pages were rendered.
  • The qcmexecute command in the SDK defaulted to false.  The documentation specified that it would default to true.
  • The ‘LIKE’ operator is no longer shown in the Query Form.
  • Content Manager New Features
  • If the SDK executes a query when the Content Manager client is minimized, the client will be restored automatically so the query can be seen.
  • If the Viewer is minimized when a document is viewed, the Viewer is automatically restored so the document can be seen.
  • Additional builds of the SDK are now provided.  Previous versions provided x86 builds for .Net 4 and .Net 4.5.  This release adds AnyCPU and x64 builds for each framework.