Quillix Content Manager 4.2.79 Released


Quillix Content Manager

VERSION 4.2.79

July 2019


This document contains information on the following topics:

  • Content Administrator Bug Fixes
  • Content Manager Bug Fixes
  • System Requirements
  • Contacting Prevalent Support

1.0 Content Administrator Bug Fixes

  • Creating a query with parentheses was difficult.  The query would sometimes display differently when reloaded in Content Administrator.  This build uses a special ‘FieldName’ for parentheses instead of indentation.  Any query using indentation will be converted when displayed the first time in the new Content Administrator.  This build does not attempt to match opening and closing parentheses, and if they are not matched, you will get an error when executing the query.
  • The maximum length for the name of a query is 40 characters.  Previous builds did not prevent the entry of more than 40 characters.  This build restricts the name field to 40 characters.

1.1 Content Manager Bug Fixes

  • After creating a Date or Time field with SQL Server, the ‘Search’ tab would show a DateTime edit control for searching by this field.  The appropriate edit control is now used.
  • If a file was indexed to QCM with an incorrect extension, the file would not be displayed by Content Manager and would always be launched as an external file.  For example, if a TIFF file was saved with a JPG extension and indexed with that extension, it would not be displayed by Content Manager.
  • When executing a query with multiple “Prompt” where clauses, if you didn’t provide a value, that clause would be dropped from the query.  For example, if you were executing a search on LastName and StudentID and didn’t provide any value for LastName, that clause would be dropped from the query before it was executed.  For most queries (when the clauses use the ‘Like’ operator), this didn’t change the results of the query.  But, if you used less than or greater than operators or mixed ‘and’ and ‘or’ conjunctions, this behavior could change the results of the query in very unpredictable ways.  Starting with this release, clauses are not removed from the query.